PG Students

Postgraduate students will have comprehensive access to DACE content library which includes all the undergraduate content plus premium content. PGs will be able to use online discussion forums to collaborate with other PGs and also participate in Undergraduate discussions to guide and mentor them.

DACE will partner with several national and multi-national companies to bridge the gap and facilitate collaboration between industry and institutions/postgraduate students. DACE Platform will provide research and publication support to PG’s. PGs can upload their thesis synopsis which will be shared with DACE industry partners enabling a matching service between the companies and the students. DACE will also offer an option via an online thesis matching service giving PGs access to protocols and research projects provided by companies. Once matched, DACE will work proactively with the companies to facilitate industry sponsorships and/or subsidize research material purchase by PG’s.

DACE will function as a Clinical Research Management (CRM) organization to assist PG students with drafting clinical protocols, collecting data and organizing collected data which will enhance acceptance in international peer reviewed journals. Clinical Consultants from DACE will assist PGs with thesis refinement, authorship services, statistical services and manuscript review services for publications. PG’s can communicate and correspond with clinical consultants and their PG guides anytime via the platform.

DACE Platform for PGs:

  • Over 5000 videos including premium content
  • Industry matching service
  • Upload and manage their research data online
  • Interact with their PG guide and other PGs
  • Access to DACE clinical consultants
  • Statistical services
  • Authorship services
  • Manuscript review services