Offline CE

In addition to offering Online CE courses through its portal, DACE will also partner with several local CE providers and give them a platform for managing / marketing the events and monitoring the points. DACE will ensure that CE Providers who play a significant and valuable role in delivering Continuing Education in locations across the country will have good visibility amongst the national and regional audience they cater to. DACE will compliment CE Providers offerings with standardized online courses that dental professionals can take in conjunction with the in-class (live) CE courses that CE Providers provide.

DACE will work proactively to bring all the local CE events including conferences and dental institutions under the DACE-ELP umbrella and enable them to use the platform. DACE intends to conduct or partner with over 50 CE events annually both online and offline in select cities all across India. International speakers will be featured in special CE events that will help dentists understand and appreciate latest internationaltrends in dentistry. These lectures/events will have a variety of topics and lectures that do not target specialists exclusively.

Each CE Provider will have their own portal page detailing their current and upcoming offerings. If opted by the CE Provider DACE will also facilitate the online registration for the courses offered by them. This approach gives CE Providers to get all the benefits of DACE Online CE Education portal in addition to their own unique/special offerings to cater to their local audience. DACE will work with all CE Providers in enabling them to use Biometrics to validate and verify the attending clinician credentials.