Our Faculty

DACE has carefully chosen International & National faculty that are passionate about teaching and known for the authenticity of their ideas and solutions. They stand out for the intelligibility and develop critical thinking amongst participants.


Dr. Maurice Salama

Dr. Howard Gluckman

Dr. Ziv Mazor

Dr. Sebastiano Andreana

Dr. Rod Stewart

Dr. Joseph Zambon

Dr. Andrea Agnini

Dr. Snjezana Pohl

Dr. Dennis P Tarnow

Dr. Adham Azim

Dr. Stephen Chu

Dr. David Garber

Dr. Henry Salama

Dr. Mike Pikos

Dr. Suheil M Boutros

Dr. George Kotsakis

Dr. Sam Lee

Dr. Praveen Arany


Dr. Narayan TV

Dr. Ali Tunkiwala

Dr. Tarun Kumar

Dr. Udatta Kher

Dr. Jaibin George

Dr. Amol Thorat

Dr. Komal Majumdar

Dr. Raghu Narayan

Dr. Sudhindra Kulkarni

Dr. Segin Chandran K R

Dr. Lalith Vivekanand

Dr. Manjunath Gavisiddiah

Dr. Anuj Gandhi

Dr. Kishan Panicker

Dr. Sheel Vora

Dr. Gaurav Malik

Dr. Vinay Pavankumar