Research Methodology Program

Research methodology is of great significance for scientists. Nevertheless, Many young researchers have so far acquired their knowledge on research methodology and research management painstakingly through a trial and error approach. Only a few obtained a structured course in research methodology. Therefore, the osteology research academy emerged as a development from the osteology foundation in close cooperation with leading scientists.

Partnership with Harvard School of Dental medicine and University of Michigan resulted in a course that provides a unique learning opportunity for young investigators. Senior investigators will have a platform from which they will be able to mentor and share their knowledge and expertise with junior investigators.

During the core module, a one week intensive course, a comprehensive view on most of the aspects of pre-clinical and clinical studies required by young researchers for their daily work is delivered. These include the development of the study protocol, practical tips for grant applications as well as analytical methods and publication strategies.

Course Directors

Dr. William Giannobile

Dr. Myron Nevins

Course Dates:

June 16-20th 2014!
Location: Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston

Course Directors:

Dr. Myron Nevins & Dr. William Giannobile
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