Module 1: Extraction Site Management

This introductory module is focused on management of extraction sites including Socket Preservation, and Implant Placement in both optimal and deficient sites. A comprehensive overview will help understand and advance proficiency in regenerating boneafter extractions and placement of implants with either a single stage or staged GBR approach.

This module runs for 4 days with three days dedicated to didactics and the last day dedicated to live surgeries by program participants. Hands-on exercises and live patient demo are included as part of the module. Didactics will cover proper diagnosis & treatment planning protocols, clinical techniques for atraumatic extractions, extraction site grafting & management of complications. In the clinical component, participants will be able to choose from a variety of cases.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and diagnose defect pathology with appropriate treatment methodologies
  • Perform atraumatic extractions and routine grafting surgeries with proper selection of armamentarium
  • Accurately document and chart the cases for record keeping
  • Recognize, manage and prevent associated complications
  • Master ‘Socket Shield’, ‘Root Submergence’, immediate implant placement with grafting & socket preservation techniques
  • Master Soft Tissue Surgeries including – VIPCT, VISTA, Tunneling, etc


  • Site Anatomy: hard/soft tissues and classification of defects
  • Clinical diagnosis and treatment planning including photographic documentation guidelines and strategies
  • Sterilization & Asepsis Principles
  • Radiological principles: Panoramic and 3D interactive diagnosis with Cone Beam CT
  • Systematic treatment evaluation protocols and Implant placement protocols
  • Soft tissue manipulation: flap designs, incisions and suturing techniques
  • Taxonomy of instrumentation
  • Biomaterials: classification, indications, features and benefits
  • Post-operative follow up and Discussion on complications and management with an emphasis on prevention protocols


  • Place 1 implant and use at least 1 grafting technique
  • Perform at least 1surgery in clinic with learnings from module 1 and discuss