Module 4: Implant Prosthodontics & FMR

This module is entirely dedicated to Full Mouth Rehabilitation principles & achieving esthetics with implant prosthodontics. The prosthodontic segment will cover impression techniques, jaw relations, occlusion principles and other tips and tricks for achieving the best restorative solution. Digital Dentistry, Smile Design and Digital Workflow will be covered in this module.

This module runs for 4 days with two days dedicated to didactics a day dedicated to hands-on and final day for patient restoration.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of prosthesis and restorations in the overall success of implant surgeries
  • Understand occlusal concepts and guidelines for difficult restorative situations
  • Completely master Full Mouth Rehabilitation principles
  • Familiarize with Digital Dentistry & Smile Design Concepts
  • Recognize, manage and prevent associated complications


  • Prosthetic components and Abutment Options
  • Pre-implant prosthodontics
  • Full Mouth Rehab
  • Removable vs. Fixed Prosthesis
  • Material selection and impression techniques
  • Prosthesis variations and selection guidelines
  • All on 4’s and Overdentures
  • Occlusal concepts in implantology
  • Restorative Designs: Cemented vs. Screw Retained
  • Veneering Materials and guidelines
  • Implant loading protocols
  • Discussion on complications and management with a emphasis on prevention protocols


  • Restore patients treated in Modules 1 & 2
  • Master Prostho techniques
  • Perform at least 1 surgery applying principles from module 1 and 2 in private practice prior to final module