Dental XP

Dental XP is one of the top dental education platforms with over 2500 videos including clinical presentations, numerous clinical article from top dental practitioners and academicians in the world. Everyone has access to free content from Dental XP which includes clinical articles and publications. In addition, for a nominal fee of $400/yr Dental XP offers access to the full suite of premium content. DACE is proud to have partnered with Dental XP and is honored to be the exclusive content provider for Dental XP in India.

DACE is in the process of initiating Dental XP Fellowship Programs countrywide thus facilitating all clinicians in India get access to the best online content in the world. DACE is also exclusive registration partner for the Annual Dental XP Global Symposium and hopes to soon host the Symposium in India with some of the most recognized international speakers.

For academies and institutions in India that are interested in bulk licensing options, please contact